“With Charles the king the monarchy risks dying, the queen chooses William”

from Luigi Ippolito

The writer Simonetta Agnello Hornby: “The Prince of Wales is not capable of having a human relationship with people, he is too shy”. Elisabetta’s ace in the hole? Come from the small aristocracy

FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT LONDON She is one of the most loved writers by Italians but has now lived in London for more than 40 years: Simonetta Agnello Hornby has seen British history and that of the monarchy that accompanies it flow under her eyes and her pen.

You have defined Elizabeth as a great woman: why?

“When she was born, she had no chance of thinking of becoming queen. She was beyond the imaginary. Her mother was a noblewoman with a small title, so an almost normal woman: Elizabeth and Margaret were raised as daughters of a normal family, the kingdom was far from them. And the queen has all the common sense of the small aristocracy: they feel obliged to work, to contribute to the country, they know that they will not have the tributes of the public. So you have something bourgeois ».

So his birth was his advantage?

“The fact that she was not born a future queen was an advantage: she took the best of the English bourgeoisie and the petty aristocracy. You saw it during the war, you wanted to work, to contribute to the war effort like so many other women. This has been a long time ago, since she had no hope – or fear – of becoming queen. ‘

This Jubilee also allows us to glance at tomorrow: is there a future for the monarchy?

“Knowing the British, there is a future. Because the most important sentence my husband told me about his people is: “If it works, keep it, if it works, keep it ”. Today I think that the monarchy is fundamental for the tranquility of the British, compared to the contempt of Boris Johnson: it is a counterweight to the degradation of political life. At this point the monarchy must remain, also because it is the only thing that unites the three kingdoms: so it would be absurd to abolish it now. To put who, a Johnson? ».

But the future king will be Charles, a very different personality from Elizabeth.

«Carlo doesn’t go: because he is not capable of having a human relationship with people as she does. He is shy, he wanted to marry another, Camilla, but he was forced to take a wife, Diana. How much do you see the grandchildren? It is not known. What relationship does he have with his children? We do not know. Since he was young it has been seen that Carlo had none of the real characteristics of him, he was a shy, less sympathetic than his sister Anna, always the victim of some woman. Having Charles king and Camilla queen would take away all the charm of the monarchy. But he doesn’t give up, he has suffered all his life for this ».

So there are those who say that the crown should go directly to William.

“There is no doubt that William is more popular than Carlo. If you ask me what they should do, I say they should skip Charles and make William king. However, Charles would not want to: but he can be forced, if it is the queen who makes the leap. She is intelligent, she has always had practical sense, she is devoted to the work that she has done, so she wants her to continue the monarchy. It would not surprise me if the Queen said: I want the Windsor family to continue her duty, and therefore she would propose to abdicate if Charles renounced the throne in favor of William. At this point we would have the possibility of a reborn affection and respect for the monarchy. Because affection and respect for Carlo and Camila will never be there ».

So in reality the monarchy risks …

«It undoubtedly risks dying: while with William it would be relaunched. It is the queen who has to decide. ”

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