Ukraine, the guerrilla warfare of the patriots: bombs, sabotage and protests to repel the Russian invader

Zelensky’s men praise the saboteurs who target pro-Russian administrators, collaborators, the railway network to obstruct logistics. The goal is to delay the work of the enemy, start fires, provoke technical breakdowns

In the crisis in Ukraine there is always something that comes back from the past. They say that the Ukrainians would use an old system used by a Soviet soldier against German trains in the Second World War: a metal tool, easy to transport and quick to place on the tracks. Minimum effort, great results. The wedge only one of the weapons of the activity carried out in the areas under the control of the invaders. Operations attributed to the Ukrainian partisans, elusive figures left behind the lines and ready to carry out missions. Most on their own initiative, some probably inspired from afar and perhaps with the help of special forces mini-teams. Initiatives contemplated for over a year by the national resistance plan, a project implemented after the invasion.

Patriots try to interrupt the railway line with rudimentary means, sometimes they cause small breakdowns or simulate them by forcing the convoys to a stop. In the towns they become shadows, strike pro-Russian collaborators and administrators, try to prevent the enemy from consolidating control of the territory, especially in the southern area of ​​Kherson. They shoot, put bombs under cars or near particular buildings, they blow on the fire of protest, they invite those who are hostile to the new master to disobey. The attacks destabilize, inspire fear, cause victims: officials are in the sights – such as Yevgeny Balitsky in Melitopol, whose office was shaken by a bomb – but also their relatives.

The home front becomes a propaganda tool. Zelensky’s men exalt the saboteurs: an ad hoc site lists their deeds, provides information and suggestions on what to do to cause damage using available means, from fuel to any tools. The goal is to delay work, start fires, cause technical breakdowns having some protective measures in mind forever. An alibi to present, confidentiality, the choice of targets compatible with one’s possibilities. There is no point in chasing complex targets.

The message to the invisible avengers – as their webpage calls them – engaging: Each of us can stand up to the enemy and do his part to win. Together we will turn their lives into hell. The popularity of the raiders has grown thanks also to the adversary who often forced to admit the blows received, the surprises, the accidents. The clandestine struggle, in some situations, has crossed over into the Russian and Belarusian territories to affect the logistics network, fuel and ammunition depots. Episodes that Kiev does not claimbut he attributes – with irony – to karma.

The intertwining of real attacks and those that are not benefits from additional attention, internationally. Newspapers, study centers, official sources they often return to the insurrectionary role for three reasons: an open acknowledgment of facts, the observation of a different dimension with respect to war operations, a way to underline the difficulties of the Army. In fact, the events must be noted, followed, but considered with caution: It is not always possible to determine the circumstances.

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