Trust in Boris Johnson: the premier passes the exam of the conservatives

from Online Editorial

The result: 211 votes in favor of BoJo, but 148 against, a rift that weakens him and may not be enough to arm him in the near future. The required majority was 180

Borsi Johnson for the moment overcomes the obstacle of trust: Conservative MPs renewed their mandate to Prime Minister 180 votes were needed (half plus one), the current Downing Street tenant got 148.

A group of Tories (54 to be precise, 15% of the group) had signed a letter asking for Johnson’s resignation. The motion was put to the vote at the end of the celebrations for the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth out of respect for the sovereign.

In his appeal, in a closed door speech, to the Tories shortly before the start of the vote on the motion, Boris Johnson had promised: I will guide you to victory again. And he urged to avoid a meaningless fratricidal debate on the future of the Conservative party.

The distrust of the premier mounted following the partygate scandal, the parties a Downing Street in violation of the lockdown. Boris Johnson said his government can now move forward after the convincing and decisive result of the Conservative vote of no confidence, surpassed by the prime minister, albeit by a margin.

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