Trump “wanted to march with the Capitol Hill insurgents.” A 007 says so

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The revelation during a hearing of the commission of inquiry into what happened on January 6, 2021. Biden: “What happened that day was a clear violation of the Constitution

As thousands of rioters stormed the Congressional buildings, Donald Trump thought about going to Capitol Hill. This was reported by the American site Politico which cites the testimony of Robert Engel, the boss of the 007 charged with protecting the former president in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election. The president’s security officer, during a hearing before the Chamber of Inquirythe content of which has now emerged, claimed that Trump expressed his desire to go to the Capitol after his famous speech at the Ellipse, in the White House area, in which he had inflamed supporters, inviting them to march towards Congress. “Let’s go to the Capitol,” is the sentence that the then president would have uttered, while they were aboard “The Beast”, the presidential armored car, en route to the White House. Engel would have convinced Trump not to reach the protest site. The revelation of the interview comes within hours of the start of the special hearing of the commission of inquiry on January 6, which announced “revelations” and “unpublished documents” for tonight.

It is no coincidence that the president in office Joe Biden defined what happened on January 6, 2021 “A flagrant violation of the Constitution” to “overturn” the result of the presidential elections. The words of the head of the White House came during a tour in Los Angeles.

Trump’s role in what happened on January 6 2021 will be at the center of the work of the commission of inquiry set up by the Congress. In the next hearings, new photos and videos should be shown that will focus on what happened in those dramatic hours.

Meanwhile, an exponent of the republican party Governor candidate for the State of Michigan was arrested by the FBI with the accusation of having taken part in the assault of the US Congress on January 6, 2021. The arrested is Ryan Kelleyone of the five aspiring governors for the GOP and highly regarded near the former president Donald Trump line.

A series of photographs produced by the police show Kelley in the crowd invading the premises of the Capitol trying to break into the classroom where the session he is certifying is in progress Joe Biden’s victory in the White House election. Some of the “offending” images had been posted online.

Kelley, who is 40 years oldwas arrested at his home in Allendale and is expected to appear before the court judge in the next few hours Gran Rapids for the first hearing, as FBI spokesperson Mara Schneider made clear. Kelley has always acknowledged in recent months that he was present outside the Capitol on January 6 but denied having participated in the assault. In the pictures it would have been instead even recognized while cheering on the crowd to head inside.

The aspiring governor is among the 800 people who have already been indicted for the revolt of January 6. In Michigan the primary of the Republican party are scheduled for the first days of August: there are five suitors, compared to 10 initially in contention. half of them were excluded after it was discovered that they had submitted false signatures to sign the application.

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