Today the vote of no confidence: Boris Johnson can be kicked out

On Monday evening, the British Prime Minister will face a vote of no confidence: if he is thrown out, he will remain ad interim until his successor is chosen.

LONDON – Boris Johnson one step away from being kicked out.

Tonight the Conservative parliamentary group will vote on trust the premier: if the majority plus 1 of its deputies vote against, Boris will be forced to resign (he would remain in office ad interim until a successor is chosen, which would take several weeks).

The dramatic turning point came after the necessary quorum (54, 15% of the parliamentary group) of letters from deputies in favor of a vote of confidence was reached. probable that the target had already been reached in recent days, but we wanted to wait for it end of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations before proceeding with the regicide.

Boris and his people are confident that will manage to win in the final count, but it is a secret ballot in which everything is possible. And the discontent in the ranks of the Conservatives has now grown like a raging river.

Johnson pays mostly the Partygate scandal
, Downing Street parties in violation of lockdown regulations. He hoped he had put the matter behind him, but really public opinion has already given its verdict: the prime minister is a liar who has lost all credibility.

And the whistles that greeted him last Friday at St Paul’s Cathedral, at the mass for the queen, marked the electorate’s thermometer.

For conservatives, Johnson has always been a convenience leader, not of conviction: a charismatic character capable of winning the elections, but nothing more. If for an ace in the hole it turns into a ball and chain, capable of dragging the party into ruin and discredit, then they will not hesitate to get rid of it. We will know tonight.

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