The queen and the “organic painter”: Zara Phillips and the royal portrait made with tea

from Enrica Roddolo

Carne Griffiths, one of the new protagonists of the art-set on the Thames, portrayed Elizabeth with the t. The work was unveiled by Queen Zara Phillips’ niece and husband Mike Tindall. Griffiths: What is more natural to draw our sovereign?

From our correspondent
LONDON The queen made history with celebrations for her Platinum Jubilee that emphasized sustainability: with William’s appeal for a future of social responsibility and attention to the planet. So for my “Platinum Queen” I used the t to paint, I’m British, what better than you, what is more organic to draw our sovereign?, She tells the Courier from his studio in a village in East Sussex, contemporary artist Carne Griffiths, one of the talented Young British artists of the art-set on the Thames, who portrayed Elizabeth II for the Jubilee. Using only natural raw materials. And her work sold for £ 25,000 at an Anderson Foundation charity dinner. Sum donated entirely to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, continues Griffiths who for the queen in addition to her tea says he has chosen vivid colors, which return the idea of ​​energy. It was my saying “thank you” to the hospital of which the patron queen, for what they did at the birth of my little girl, who underwent a complex operation.

The portrait of what has been renamed Organic painter, the organic painter, for her original way of painting with products of nature, liked by the queen’s niece, Zara daughter of Princess Royal Anna, and her husband the rugby champion Mike Tindall. And to Prince William who on Saturday evening at the big concert in Buckingham Palace in honor of the queen made an appeal for sustainability. Sustainability is our future and the royal couple like other Windsors support the hospital and they appreciated the idea and what we are doing for the children’s charity. And now I hope that Her Majesty will soon be able to see one of my reproductions: I know that she had previously seen the other portrait I dedicated to her, a work in two copies that I called Tea with the Queen and Afternoon Tea with the Queen, replies Griffiths who began, as he recounts, designing the embroidery for the Royals’ uniforms and formal wear before deciding to devote myself to painting as an independent artist.

Why so much affection for the queen, the Platinum Jubilee crowds? I remembered days ago with old school friends the Golden Jubilee of twenty years ago, a beautiful sunny day, we had met after years .. time flies, now the Platinum Jubilee: I organized with a group of families of friends to meet all in the country outdoors for a big party with our children and flags, a full blown street party, and after a long time in which so much has happened since the pandemic everything has a special flavor, like regaining pleasure forgotten.

Speaking of the pandemic, young William and Kate, the future of the monarchy, during the Covid emergency they visited many hospitals. How was all this experienced by people? We all appreciated that they also exposed themselves to the dangers of contagion in that period to bring their support, their testimony. Here, one of them is also expected of this, this type of participation in the life of the people, essential for the monarchy. The queen is not exposed now, she is 96 years old. But you have our gratitude for the sense of duty with which you have represented us for 70 years. And with my portrait I chose to start from the photographs of the young queen, at 27 for the coronation, trying to imagine the thoughts of a young queen and then gradually the stratification of so much life and history lived by Her Majesty. With a touch of lilac, the color of this Jubilee. The Platinum Queen reproductions (70 prints, £ 150 from online sales proceeds at West Contemporary Editions and at the Corinthia hotel in London) will still go to the hospital.

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