The English parliamentarian and her son in the war: “He killed a Chechen commander, watch your back”

from Marco Imarisio

The Russian Rosgvardia accuses the English foreign fighter Ben Grant of having hit the commander’s vehicle in the area north of Kharkiv

“We have to move or we all die.” The presence in Ukraine of veteran Ben Grant, former British Marine, fresh from Afghanistan, as well as son of conservative MP Helen Grant, special adviser on women’s education to the government led by Boris Johnson, went public last week. It was May 26th. The site of the Telegraph released a dramatic video, in which he was engaged in a rescue operation to save a fellow soldier and fellow countrymaninjured by a mine during a fight in the bush north of Kharkiv.

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The images show him while he tightens a tourniquet to his companion’s leg, while the sound of Russian artillery shells is clearly heard. “Get up and try to walk, otherwise you’ll get us killed “. That document became at the same time a proof of the severity of the clashes and of the presence in that area of ​​a group of illegals, about fifteen foreign “foreign fighters” lined up with the Ukrainian army. It has now become yet another indictment. In that same video, Grant’s unit is seen going out into the open to fire a volley of grenades at a Russian vehicle. The one where he was killed Adam Bisultanov, Chechen commander of the Russian National Guardwho was busy in that area.

It was Rosgvardia who made the event known, also showing a photo of the body of the vehicle and declaring that other shots of the GoPro cameras would show how his officer was shot during a clash with “a group of British and American mercenaries, including the son of a British parliamentarian” . Immediately after, the confirmation from the Ministry of Defense arrived, which specified how captured foreign fighters will be treated and judged as common criminals, because as they are not regular soldiers, international treaties do not apply to them. “I’ve never experienced anything like it in my entire life,” he said of the violence of the fight that involved him.

Grant has been in Ukraine since March. He had said he left after seeing another video that went viral everywhere on television. The interior of a house hit by Russian bombs, and the cries of a terrified child who tries to save himself with his parents. He hadn’t said anything to his mother. “That mercenary will have to watch his back for the rest of his life,” the agency wrote Komsomolskaya Pravda. “The man he killed was born and raised in Chechnya, where the principle of an eye for an eye and family vengeance is certainly not an empty word.”

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