Sony SRS-XG300: the portable wireless speaker for parties is being tested. Arrive just in time for the beach parties

A wireless, portable speaker that can also charge mobile devices, with an autonomy of 25 hours and that pushes the bass anywhere. The underlying idea SRS-XG300, which together with the XE300 and XE200 models expands Sony’s range of portable wireless speakers, is a winner in many ways.

The first: it just works well.

The second: it does so at a centered and balanced price (300 euros) in order to play a relevant role in the increasingly populated segment of portable speakers, without compromising quality (audio and construction) and functions.

The arrival in the shops is scheduled for Julyin time to go back to organizing outdoor parties.

Easy to carry around

With SRS-XG300, Sony has decided to revive the aesthetic choices of XG500, which is sold for 450 euros. First of all, there is a practical retractable rubber handle that allows you to easily move the speaker, which weighs three kilos.

When not in use, the handle retracts into the upper housing adhering to the profile of the portable speaker.

On the front there are the buttons for on / off, Bluetooth connection and the “Mega Bass” function, which is used to optimize the equalization to highlight the low frequencies even more, the play / pause buttons (which also serve to respond to the phone to calls received from the connected device) and to turn the volume up and down.

On the back, behind a housing hidden by a rubber panel, there is a USB A port, through which the SRS-XG300 speaker can charge other devices, a 3.5 mm mini jack (for karaoke functions) , the USB-C port for charging the speaker and two additional buttons, one dedicated to a “battery care” mode, which serves to prevent excessive charging of the battery, and finally one for the scheme of the side lights, placed around the radiators passive.

Compared to the XG500, a USB port is missing to connect an external storage device from which to reproduce the contents: a significant lack compared to a product that aims at full portability. The contents, therefore, are all transmitted via Bluetooth. Furthermore, in the absence of Wi-Fi the device is not autonomous: if the smartphone audio is transmitted to another device, it stops playing from the Sony speaker.

The Sony speaker was created to be used horizontally – otherwise one of the two side passive radiators would be covered – and there are integrated feet so that the speaker does not touch the ground and can be supported easily.

It is available in two colors: black and light gray.

Inside the speaker there are two front X Balanced woofers, with rectangular diaphragm and large 61 x 68 mm, two 20 mm front tweeters and two side passive radiators.

It is IP67 certified against water and dust. For this the keys and covers are made of rubber.

Sony SRS-XG300 is solid and gives the feeling of withstanding small bumps – such as slight movements during a car ride – without suffering the impact: in short, what is required of a complete portable speaker.

“Mega” low and no noise during calls

The Mega Bass mode is probably the most interesting because it centers the main raison d’être of the SRS-XG300: to be an instrument for listen to loud music anywhere and also when the songs need to be “perceived” as well as listened to. In short, when you need a lot of vibrations: in this sense, the Mega Bass mode, which is activated in a few moments, is a great way to switch from a more balanced listening to a more sustained downward mode.

This mode, therefore, serves to strengthen the low frequencies: it lowers the maximum achievable volume and turns off the side lights of the speaker (to save battery consumption).

In addition to the music functions, Sony has integrated a solution for canceling noise during phone calls, called “echo cancellation”, which serves to eliminate background noise and other communication problems, such as echoes and delays.

How it sounds

Sony SRS-XG300 performs exactly as expected, with bass depth adequate to the size of the product and expectations for a speaker that must balance power and versatility, but without compromising either the mids or the highs.

Vocals and instruments are reproduced well and the portable speaker is not particularly affected by any category of songs, from purely electronic to orchestral music. Even at high volumes, the audio remains clean.

The audio test of the Mega Bass feature confirmed a hunch we had: it is a way to focus on quantity rather than quality.

When activated, in fact, the deeper bass emerge a little more, although not clearly and also in a somewhat artificial way, reducing the emphasis on mids and high frequencies and almost muffling the overall sound.

In short, for most situations, it is simply not needed: on its own, the Sony SRS-XG300 is already more than good at reproducing the lower frequencies. All the more so if it is used in noisy situations where music is a background and therefore certain nuances of audio are lost; therefore, Mega Bass can be used in those situations where the audio quality is not the priority, but it is necessary to strengthen the physicality of the audio even if at the expense of a certain extra brilliance in the medium and high frequencies. Nothing wrong with that: a matter of choices and above all of conditions of use.

Play of light and battery saving

The dedicated Sony Music Center application, available for iOS and Android, allows you to configure the main features of the SRS-XG300 speaker, such as the lighting scheme (there are several to choose the one that best suits the context) and above all the equalization. Battery saving modes (Battery Care and Stamina) are also integrated.

The sound settings allow you to set two predefined profiles: Mega Bass (the same as the dedicated physical key) and Live Sound, which simulates the three-dimensionality of a live concert.

It is also possible to equalize the profile in a personalized way by choosing whether to raise or lower the low, medium or high frequencies.

Clear Audio + mode is also available. It is a Sony technology that customizes the listening profile based on the content.

This is probably the best approach for those who have to become familiar with audio or prefer to let an automatic system handle the equalization – it works quite well.

Furthermore, from the application it is possible to configure the functions of Party Connect, through which to connect up to one hundred compatible speakers, and Stereo Pair, to connect two speakers in order to prepare two audio channels and therefore a stereo sound.

The Party Connect function is only available with selected Sony audio products: SRS-XB43, SRS-XB33, SRS-XB23, SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500, SRS-XG500, SRS-XG300, SRS-XE300, SRS-XE200 and LSPX-S3.

The Sony SRS-XG300 portable speaker is also compatible with the Sony Fiestable application, which includes accessory features dedicated to lighting, playlists and karaoke. However, many of the functions are superimposable to those of the Music Center.

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