Social breakthrough: the queen’s Twitter account shows up with 3 heirs to the throne

from Enrica Roddolo

Elizabeth II no longer alone in command, but with the new Windsor lineup. A message that reinforces that of the final greeting for the Jubilee celebrations

Social breakthrough for the Windsors, after Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. The palace is still the same, Buckingham Palace, for the image chosen by the Twitter account of the British monarchy. But now on the balcony there are with the queen, also Charles and William and also little George. In short, the queen – after the Jubilee – no longer presents herself alone in command, but here she is on social media with the new Windsor lineup. A very clear message, which reinforces that of the final greeting after the celebrations in London.

Her Majesty will be directing from now on, but the real work will really be a team effort shared with the three generations ready for succession. And with Camilla and Kate perfectly integrated into the Windsor set-up for the future.

At the palace, the satisfaction with this Platinum Jubilee is clear. Everything, including the weather, was perfect. Even the absences of the sovereign served, they were functional, to prepare the relay. And even the loose cannon of the appearance of the Sussex, Harry and Meghan has been best controlled and orchestrated by the Royal Household.

Meanwhile, the curtain fell on the official celebrations in London, the “widespread” structure of this Jubilee is confirmed by the trip of the Wessex, the son of Queen Edward and his wife Sophie to Gibraltar on behalf of the sovereign. While it was William’s turn, again on behalf of the sovereign, to deliver the honors at Buckingham Palace.

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