Serial traitor, hardened (but genius) liar: can Boris Johnson continue to lead Britain?

Boris Johnson survived the ambush set against him by the rebels of his Conservative party. But how long will he be able to remain premier? The condemnation of public opinion and his (very unregulated) private life

LONDON – Victory of Pyrrhus, the British newspapers wrote this morning: because Boris Johnson survived the internal vote of no confidence, but with 40 per cent of the conservative parliamentary group that voted against him, his fate appears sealed.

Lost not by his political choices, but by his character (or lack of).

If Boris Johnson falls sooner or later, it will not be due to glaring errors of government: not how Margaret Thatchersunk by the poll tax, or Theresa Mayblown away by the failure to agree on Brexit.

No, Boris risks the chair for his calibrated personality.

After all, when he and his supporters claim to have nailed the big fundamental choicesthey are not all wrong.

Johnson chaired the fastest vaccination program in Europe, thanks to which Great Britain had a lower overall death toll than other European countries, from Italy to Spain to Germany; And about Ukraine state at the forefront of arming the resistance in Kiev
allowing them to repel Putin’s treacherous assault.

Johnson Boris’s Real Problem: that clownish mask that he built since he was a boy and that is expressed in a disordered and amoral personality.

A few years ago the English newspapers had published one photos of the inside of his car that said it all: litter, empty bottles, food scraps, garbage of all kinds. And they wondered: can such a bungler lead the country? The answer was already there, but they didn’t want to admit it.

His whole life spent in contempt for the rules and carelessness for others. On the day of her first wedding, with Allegra Mostyn-Owenhad been capable of forget the ring; then she had it betrayed with Marina Wheeler, married in second marriage when she was already pregnant; so she had had a series of loversstarting with his colleague at the Spectator, Petronilla Wyatt, about which he had lied and had been kicked out by the conservative shadow government. From another lover, an art consultant, she got an illegitimate daughter, the only recognized of a range that could be wider. The last extra-marital relationship, with Carrie Symondsprovoked his homelessness by an exhausted Navy: Carrie thus became his third spouse but, as the evil ones point out, when the lover becomes a wife, a position is freed.

A serial traitortherefore, a inveterate liarone who had been fired from his first job, al Times, because he had falsified the quotes in one piece. And that he went on to make a career out of flaunting a more than elastic relationship with the truth.

A character who had his best moments, as mayor of London, when he realized that it was better to delegate everything: because he is unable to manage anything consistently. And therefore, with these premises, it must have seemed like a no brainer party on Downing Street while the rest of Britain was under house arrest during the lockdown.

But this is not what public opinion thinks: beyond the verdict of the conservative deputies, it has already condemned it.

And therefore his nemesis is not an inopportune law, but a birthday cake at the wrong time.

On his political epitaph it can be written that he was a scoundrel of genius: whose genius was overwhelmed by his irremediable cialtronaggine.

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