Sanna Marin positive for Covid: “I had a fever last night, but I’m fine”

from Foreign editorial staff

The Finnish premier, returning from a tour in Europe that also took her to Kiev and Bucha, tested positive

He will also face this health incident with the “sisu” typical of every Finnish, the resilience and inner strength he had spoken to Corriere a few days ago, in the interview with Paolo Valentino, in which he explained why Finland had decided to renounce neutrality and ask entry into NATO. «We want a secure future. Putin must be stopped: he will never do it alone, Sanna Marin clarified. Now the Finnish premier has relied on Twitter to communicate that she – returning from a European tour that took her from Rome to Kiev – she has taken Covid.

«Last night I was feeling a fever and this morning I took an anti Covid test: tested positive. The symptoms are mild and I feel fine. I had done several tests these days due to the many trips made. And until the beginning of the week they had been negative, ”the Helsinki leader tweeted.
Social Democrat, in office since 2019, Marin leads a coalition of five parties ed she is one of the youngest female head of government in the world: strong of her 36 years and of the “sisu” it is safe to bet that he will recover soon.

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