Putin’s threat: “Ready to hit new targets”

from Fabrizio Dragosei

The Kremlin leader on TV: “If America supplies long-range missiles, we will attack targets hitherto spared.” Ed Erdogan: “The Western security system is collapsing”

THEThe president was only allusive: if the Americans will supply Kiev longer-range missilesthen “we will have to draw the appropriate conclusions and use the means of destruction, which we have in quantity, to hit those objectives we have not yet reached ». Ex-president Dmitry Medvedev, a faithful squire and exegete of Vladimir Vladimirovich, intervened to clarify what exactly the Supreme Head meant. Putin wanted to make it clear to those in charge that Russia is also ready to launch its Cruise ships beyond the Ukrainian border. Medvedev patiently explained to an interviewer: “If these new systems are used against targets in Russia, our forces will have to target the centers where decisions are made“. Meaning what? «Both the Ministry of Defense and the Ukrainian General Staff. But it must be understood that the final decision-making centers in this case are unfortunately not even in the territory of Kiev. Therefore we are certainly facing a threat that must be considered ».

We know that Medvedev has changed profoundly since he temporarily took over from Putin as president and presented himself as the champion of reformists and democrats. He is now the spokesperson for the most intransigent. But he hardly ever says things that the Kremlin leader doesn’t like. So it is good to weigh his words carefully. If Putin speaks only of “goals that we have not yet reached”, Medvedev clearly indicates the possibility that the Russian Army will launch its bombs in other countries. Of course these they could only be NATO members surrounding Ukraine: Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia. And given his role, Medvedev obviously knows the implications of an attack on an Atlantic Alliance country.

But let’s go back to Putin, who has limited himself to alluding. The new weapon systems that Washington is bringing “are nothing new,” he explained to Russian TV. Basically, Soviet-era vehicles are being replaced that his enemies have lost in these hundred days. With meticulousness, the head of the Kremlin illustrated the situation: “Kiev had 515 systems and 380 were destroyed”. Now, with the recourse to reserves and with reparations, the opponents have about 360.

While not wanting to admit that the American Himars are much more efficient, Putin explained that the real problem is the ammunition supplied, since a particular type would reach sites 300 km away. This is what Moscow fears but it is also what Biden says he does not want to provide to Zelensky. As for the deadly drones, Putin has instead argued that his li of him are “crushing like nuts.” In the interview, he also touched on the issue of grain in Ukrainian ports: «We didn’t undermine them. Let them clean up the ports and get the ships out. We guarantee their peaceful passage… We will not take advantage of the situation to attack from the sea ».

Both Putin and Turkish President Erdogan they argued that the era of the United States and the West is over. “Russia has rebelled,” Putin thundered. And Erdogan argued that that’s all “The system of welfare and security created by the West which is collapsing”.

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