Our Team

Our writers are careful that all the articles published on our platform are accessible to all common readers. They stay away from using unnecessarily fancy language and stick to the rule of simplicity. Meet the faces behind this platform’s success. 

Amelia Holdsworth Founder

Amelia Holdsworth began working on Margaret Hodge when she was a third-year student at Pennsylvania State University. Her professor and friends later mentioned ho one unique quality about her was that she never quit. She would go to every possible extent for something that she believed in, and Margaret Hodge was her dream child. 

With the kind of zeal she had, she did not have so much trouble finding investors and people willing to work with her. Her project picked off very soon and she became the first female entrepreneur in the consumer service website field. Her vision was rewarded quite well by the community of techies as well as the common consumer, for whom this platform was designed in the first place. 

Amelia is now poised to work towards adding various extensions to her platform to make it wholesome and convenient for the users. Many of these features are currently under the beta versions and are being tested actively. With positive feedback coming in, Amelia promises to release them for the users globally very soon. 

Arthur Manley – Writer

No matter what the tech, Arthur Manley would know about it. He has been a senior fellow at Long Tech Institute and covered technology for more than five years right since his college days.

Having worked in the content writing field for a couple of years, Arthur felt dissatisfied and unfulfilled by the monotonous nature of his work. Just at the time when he was looking to switch careers, he met with Amelia who was working on establishing her website Margaret Hodge. 

Arthur now feels how different would his life have been if it was not for that meeting which turned out to be life-changing for him. He is today notorious for experimenting with the forms of content that no writer has previously dared to, or even had the opportunity to do. 

Despite this, he is amongst the most well-known writers in the tech world today because of the innovations that his experiments keep yielding. He promises to keep up with his reputation by bringing in more and more innovation not only in creative writing but also in the tech writing world.