NOW changes: from July the Kids offer will be included in the Entertainment pack at no cost

Significant improvement for the NOW pay TV offer: From July 1st, the Kids channel package for children will be included in the entertainment package and will no longer entail a price supplement; those who already have the Entertainment pass will automatically have access to the Kids channels as well. The beauty of the operation is that the cost of the Entertainment package will not change and will remain firm on the current list prices. We remind you that at the moment the monthly list prices for the different Now TV packages include 14.99 euros for the Sport pass and 14.99 euros for the package with Cinema & Entertainment passes.

This is for the official figures, because in practice the offers with significantly lower prices are recurring, starting from the Full pass at 19.99 per month or from the two months at 9.99 euros.

Just sign up for a first offer, even with the Smart Stick for outdated TV, to be able to subsequently access much more convenient packages, even if often with limited duration.

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