Massacre of Uvalde, the child who survived: “I don’t want that to happen again”

from Marco Bruna

Through a video shown in the US Congress, 11-year-old Miah Cerrillo retraced that day of death in Texas. “The teacher told us to hide behind our backpacks and behind the desk. Ramos shot the friend who sat next to me “

The hardest and most difficult testimony to accept is that of an 11-year-old girl, Miah Cerrillo. On Wednesday, June 8, through a video recorded and shown in the American Congress, he recounted the day of blood and death Uvaldethe town of Texas where the eighteen year oldSalvador Ramos
killed 19 children and two teachers with a semi-automatic rifle on 24 May before being shot down by the police. Miah Cerrillo had managed to sound the alarm using the cell phone of one of the killed teachers. In order not to be discovered by Ramos, she had smeared her face with the blood of an already dead comrade.

In the session in which violence and weapons in America were discussed, Cerrillo retraced the chronicle of the massacre at the Robb Elementary School. “The teacher told us to hide behind our backpacks and behind the desk. Ramos shot my friend, the friend who sat next to me. I thought I’d be next, ”she said in a still shocked and resigned voice. Then a message launched at the heart of politics, a message that sounds like an appeal to Washington: “I don’t want that to ever happen again“. Her father, Miguel Cerrillo, said her daughter hasn’t been the same since the day of the massacre.

Also Matthew McConaughey, Hollywood star but first of all a native of Uvalde, has made his voice heard. “We need to review our American values ​​for responsible arms management,” he said during a touching speech at the White House, in which he remembered the victims. McConaughey reiterated an essential solution to prevent and combat mass shootings: “We need more controls, to raise the minimum age to be able to buy weapons at 21”. The Gun Control Act of 1968 set the threshold at 18 years.

Matthew McConaughey recalled, among others, Alithia Ramirez, a 10-year-old girl, showing a self-portrait of her «in which a friend of hers, in heaven, looks down at her». The actor also refers to a pair of green Converse: those of Maite Yuleana Rodriguez, 9, worn when she was killed. “They are the only element that allowed us to identify her body after the shooting,” she says, angrily banging her fist on her lectern.

Then, there is Roy Guerrero, the pediatrician who saw the horror pass before his eyes. Born and raised in Uvalde, he attended Robb Elementary as a child, just like the killer. After receiving the first alarming messages, Guerrero rushed to the hospital. “It looked like a madhouse, there were doctors and nurses running around like desperation, children in the corridors bleeding and screaming, surgeons bent over them trying to save their life. Parents were screaming outside the hospital. ‘ That day in May Guerrero lost 5 of the 8 young patients who arrived in desperate conditions.

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