Marina Ovsyannikova, the journalist who protested on Russian TV, challenged and “expelled” from Ukraine

from Foreign editorial staff

The reporter who became famous after showing a live sign had to cancel a conference in Kiev: the Ukrainians do not forgive her role in Moscow’s propaganda

For the Western world a kind of little heroine of internal dissent against Vladimir Putin, who dared to criticize the Tsar and his war on one of the most popular (and pro-government) channels in Russia. Nevertheless Marina Ovsyannikovathe journalist who on March 14 presented herself to the cameras of Channel One Russia with the No to War sign. Propaganda lies to you, he is experiencing a paradoxical situation: despised by both the Russians and the Ukrainians.

The former consider her a subversive in the pay of the enemy – a spy in the service of Great Britain, claimed the director of the television where he worked – the second a traitor in search of redemption after helping to propagate the Kremlin’s false truths. And, even more serious, that she did it even though she was born in Odessa. In the country under attack, the reporter is so frowned upon that she was forced to cancel a press conference scheduled in Kiev on 1 June on a subject you are also familiar with: How Russian propaganda works.

As soon as the word spread, on the social pages of Interfax-Ukrainethe organizer of the event, rained down hundreds of negative comments, among which the idea of ​​organizing a protest under the offices of the news agency has even begun to take hold. The fact is that, within an hour, the conference was canceled. only the latest in a series of attacks that have come to her from various quarters: on April 14, some Ukrainian activists demanded that the journalist be fired from
Die Welt
, the German newspaper that hired her after she was released by the Moscow court. Just a week later, she was denied the “German Freedom Award” as a result of other protests.

Ovsyannikova still lives in Berlin. But she is already planning to go back to Moscow because my home is there is torner, he repeated a Not the arena last night. Her children live there, who accused her of destroying their family, and her ex-husband, also a journalist for RussiaToday who denounced her to deprive her of the right to see them
. My life destroyed, I have nothing leftcontinued to the microphones of La7. Not even her sympathy with her compatriots, who have not forgiven her past: this is demonstrated by the dry reaction of the Ukrainian activist Daria Kaleniuk to the news that she would be awarded the Vaclav Havel prize for her creative dissent: a shame.

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