Is America Slowing Down Support for Ukraine?

The Ukrainians have asked for at least 60 long-range missile batteries, Washington has sent (at the moment) only 4. But the White House rejects the suspicions and promises “impressive signals” from the G7 and NATO leaders in the coming weeks

WASHINGTON – National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, rejects the widespread feelings in Washington about the war in Ukraine. The New York Times writes that Ukrainian generals would not share all operational information with the US government. According to the newspaper, US intelligence would have a more complete picture of the movements of the Russian army than that of Kiev.

There are analysts, however, who point out how Joe Biden is slowing down the supply of long-range artillerybecause the White House strategy is not clear.

Ukrainians ask at least 60 long-range missile batteries (Himars). The United States has so far sent them only four.

“A practically symbolic gesture,” argue Colonel John Barranco (Marines), Benjamin Johnson (Army), and Tyson Wetzel (Air Force), in a commentary for the “Atlantic” study center in Washington. And the governor of the Luhansk region, Gaidai, agrees in full: “If we get western long-range weapons quickly, our defenders will be able to clean up Severodonetsk in two or three days.”

In reality, these technical-military aspects refer to the underlying political problem: do the US and its European allies always have the idea of ​​supporting the Ukrainian resistance “to the bitter end”? Sullivan, in conversation with reporters, first replied ironically: “It is interesting to note that there is almost a natural instinct among analysts and commentators in the press to consider the decline of Western unity inevitable.”

Then the National Security Advisor let slip an interesting anticipation: “In recent days we have seen repeated signs of determination from our allies. And I think that both from the G7 and NATO summits will arrive truly impressive signals of strength and common will“.

The two summits are scheduled for later this month, in Germany and Spain. Finally, Sullivan recalled that Congress has just made about 40 billion dollars available to Ukraine (about half for armaments): “This means that we are in a position to support the Ukrainians for months and with great strength”.

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