In more remote parts of Russia, cemetery seats are being bought at an abnormal rate

An investigation site revealed that the pace of purchase of burial plots was 5-6 times that of previous years

rush to buy burials in Russia.

Regional officials are rushing to buy lots for the graves at an abnormal rate, even five to six times higher than the figures of previous yearsreveals the investigative website Mozhem Obyasnit.

Local governments usually take care of the burials of those who die without relatives or who come from very poor families. But the recipients of the new graves could be fallen soldiers in Ukraine. To corroborate this hypothesis, the fact that the surge in requests for burial is recorded above all in the regions where recruitment was more sustained.

The region of Khabarovskin the far east of the country, asked for the creation of 700 funeral sites, compared to 120 purchased in the last five years.

In Krasnoyarsk, in Siberia, regional authorities have ordered 100 funeral graves between now and the end of the year. Similar requests have also come from the city of Kopeysk, in the region of Urals and from the Northwestern Republic of Karelia for about eighty seats. Then there are other places, such as Murmanskthe capital of the Arctic, which did not give official numbers, but made it known to cemetery authorities that they will need new slots in the coming months.

I note that it was mainly those who were recruited into the Special Operation young people from the most remote areas of the empire
from Siberia to Dagestan, inhabited by non-Slavic minorities – therefore less at risk of being able to fraternize with the Ukrainiansthe.

Poor areas, where a military career is often seen as the only way out of misery.

Losing frontline men from these wastelands makes less noise. But someone noticed now the secretly reserved lots at the cemetery for their graves.

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