Commission 6 January, Trump accused: “Coup attempted”

from Giuseppe Sarcina, Washington correspondent

According to republican “dissident” Liz Cheney, the former US president had “a seven-point plan” to reverse the defeat in the 2020 presidential elections

Indignation, horror, emotions and, above all, many elements, difficult to refute, which call into question the responsibility of Donald Trump. The Commission investigating the assault on Capitol Hill held the first of six hearings on live television last night, Thursday 9 June. In many ways it seemed the logical continuation of the impeachment procedure against the former president in January 2021. Trump was saved thanks to the aid of the Republican senators.

Now this kind of public trial will not have immediate legal consequences. Unless the Justice Department, which is conducting a parallel investigation, decides to indict Trump directly. The president of the Commission, Bennie Thompson, made it clear that the parliamentarians “are ready to collaborate with the Minister of Justice Merryck Garland”. The vice president of the Commission, the republican “dissident” Liz Cheney, summarized the main results of the investigation, alternating the reasoning with some clips in which Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and the former Minister of Justice appeared, among others. William Barr.

According to Cheney, Trump had “a seven-point plan” to overturn defeat in the 2020 presidential election. A “real coup,” for Bennie Thompson. From the testimonies collected it is evident that practically all the main collaborators of “The Donald”, including Ivanka and her husband Jared, were convinced of the regularity of the vote. And Trump was too. The first step in his plan, however, was to construct a false version, “the big lie”: all the councilors would have to publicly claim that the elections had been rigged.

As we know, the former leader of the White House relied on Rudy Giuliani to set up a series of ramshackle judicial appeals. All rejected. At the same time, he was fomenting the square and preparing the ground for the attack on January 6. One of the witnesses, the documentary maker Nick Quested, recounted the preparations for the eve. Videos of him, some unpublished, show the leaders of the “Proud Boys” and the Oath Keepers meeting on the evening of January 5 in a Washington garage and discussing “actions on Capitol Hill”.

On the morning of January 6, at least 200 Proud Boys are moving towards Congress as early as 10:30, long before noon, when Trump harangues the crowd on the Mall. This means that at least this formation of extremists had premeditated the attack. The Commission then screened a series of videos for about twenty minutes. Some now familiar, others never seen. All impressive. The images, among other things, sweep away one of the many nonsense that we heard in the days immediately following the riots and that is that the police would have left the field open to the vandals.

Quite the opposite is true, as reported by the evening’s other witness, Caroline Edwuards, an agent on duty on Capitol Hill. She was the most emotional part of the audition. Caroline said she was hurt twice, she lost consciousness for a few minutes, banging her head against the steps. And she recalled seeing her colleague Brian Sickinick next to her “turn white as a sheet of paper.” Brian will die of his injuries, as well as four protesters. The policeman’s family were also in the classroom, in tears. In the evening, Republicans accused the Democrats of extrapolating the sentences of Trump’s collaborators. But there will be time and a way to verify it on the next occasions, when the testimonies will be reproduced in full.

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