Chesa Boudin, the overly permissive San Francisco magistrate kicked out by the Californians (left)

from Federico Rampini

Son of terrorists, he does not pursue petty thefts and frees the robbers: via the progressive Chesa Boudin

In America, left-wing voters are rediscovering the slogan Law & Order. In California’s most progressive city, San Francisco, the Democratic hegemony is overwhelming. 60% voted yes in the popular referendum to dismiss the attorney general (an elective office), accused of a permissive judicial policy, associated with a frightening degradation of public order. The magistrate expelled by the voters, Chesa Boudina more radical icon of the left, a leading exponent of a movement of progressive prosecutors. He emptied prisons by theorising that criminals are victims of an unfair and racist system. In parallel with the rise of Black Lives Matter and his attacks on the police, even the militant judiciary took sides against the police. These recipes are now repudiated by the population in many Democratic-ruled cities.

Boudin has an emblematic biography, which he proudly exhibits: son of the American lead years. His parents were red terrorists from the Weather Underground organization. They ended up in jail for a 1981 armed robbery in which two policemen and a security guard were killed. Chesa was raised by other members of the underground armed struggle organization. After university he also worked as an interpreter for the socialist leader Hugo Chvez in Venezuela. He was elected to the head of the San Francisco Prosecutor’s Office in November 2019 with a radical agenda: de-carceration and stop bail detention. Begin the hunt for police abuse, racist behavior within the police. The climate was marked by Black Lives Matter, the radical anti-racism organization already powerful after the killing of African American Michael Brown by an agent in 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. The digital capitalism of Silicon Valley, Hollywood, the world of culture and the media supported left-wing mayors who cut police funds. The establishment’s support for progressive prosecutors was generous: see the $ 40 million paid by the liberal billionaire George Soros for the electoral campaigns of the most radical magistrates.

The budget proved unsustainable in all cities where justice is in the hands of militant prosecutors. San Francisco appears together with New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia, among the metropolises that have had a 30% jump in homicides already from 2019 to 2020. In the two years following San Francisco, the surge in assassinations worsened: + 37%. Other common crimes have also erupted under Boudin’s management like apartment thefts: + 45% in two years. Store robberies received a kind of political legitimacy, like proletarian expropriations, when the Black Lives Matter demonstrations degenerated into looting, raiding, assaults by organized gangs that accumulated loot of luxury items. The certainty that the judiciary is freeing without bail those the agents arrest in the act of crime has upset what had once been a safe city. Eleven Walgreens pharmacy-supermarkets have closed in downtown San Francisco after too many robberies.

Boudin does not pursue thefts if the value is below $ 950. He decriminalized drug dealing, including the devastating Fentanyl. In 2021 in the city the deaths from overdose were 640, more than the victims of Covid. Tolerance towards crime becomes a magnet that attracts deviant behavior: despite a new super-tax in favor of the homeless (300 million annual revenue), the army of the homeless continues to grow. The historic center of San Francisco is an ever larger encampment, where law enforcement officers intervene as little as possible. Insecurity besieges the popular neighborhoods above all. Ethnic minorities do not feel protected: the Asian-Americans, who originally voted for Boudin, have repudiated him en masse.

Boudin’s fall is just the tip of the iceberg. In Los Angeles, an Italian-American entrepreneur, Rick Caruso, has launched into politics, promising more safety on the streets. New York led the way last fall by electing a Black, Eric Adams, a former police captain, as mayor. The ethnic minorities in the poorest neighborhoods had plebiscated it, where the police have withdrawn. For now, the new mayor of New York is struggling to regain control of the city: he has against him a progressive prosecutor opposed to arrests, and the white intelligentsia of Manhattan. The basis of the Democratic Party for seems to re-evaluate the tradition of the nineties: when politicians like Bill Clinton and Joe Biden himself understood that security is not right-wing.

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