Cars against the crowd in Berlin: the killer’s anti-Turkish messages

from Paolo Valentino

It was not an accident. Teacher dead, fourteen students injured, bomber, 29-year-old man, Armenian German

BERLIN – A 29-year-old man, a German of Armenian origin, Gor H., yesterday threw his car into a crowd of pedestrians on a sidewalk in central Berlin, killing a woman and injuring at least fourteen boys, including six in very seriously. The man then continued his mad rush, before crashing into the window of a perfumery. Also wounded, he attempted a small escape, but was stopped by some passers-by and then handed over to the police. He is currently hospitalized in a Berlin hospital.

It was not an accident. The man, who resides in Berlin, drove his Renault Clio, apparently owned by his sister, at high speed against the pedestrian zone, where he was at the time. a group of middle school students, along with some teachers. it was one of them, 51, who was first mowed down and killed. They came from the Land of Hesse and were on a school trip to the capital. But according to the investigators, the reasons for the gesture are not entirely clear, if so in the presence of a terrorist attack or rather an act resulting from anger and psychic imbalance. The man was already known to the police, but not for political reasons. soon to speculate on the causes, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said.

it was above all the place of the tragedy that led to think of an act of terror. In fact, the accident occurred on the famous Kurfrstendamm, the commercial street in the western part of Berlin, a few meters from Breitscheidplatz, where on 19 December 2016 the Islamic terrorist of Tunisian origin Anis Amri Throw a truck into the Christmas market, killing 13 people and injuring dozens. Amri then managed to escape to Italy, where he was tracked down and killed in a fire fight with the police.

At first, the Bild Zeitung he had reported the news of the discovery in the car of a letter in which the young man explained the reasons for his action. But the news was denied by the police, who instead said they had found posters and information material about Turkey, the country considered responsible for the Armenian genocide during the First World War and which still has very problematic relations with Armenia. The entire area was evacuated and closed to traffic, over 130 agents, firefighters and rescue personnel were mobilized with over 60 ambulances, tow trucks, fire engines and vans. Men in combat gear from the special units have been deployed at all corners of the adjacent streets.

In the nearby Europa Center, in front of the Church of Remembrance which still bears the marks of the bombs of the Second World War, a a psychological assistance center for the lightly injured and for people in shock. Some photos show a body on the ground covered by a sheet and people on cots waiting for the ambulances. I heard the bang and then saw a massacre, tweeted Anglo-American actor John Barrowman, who was in a nearby shop at the time. Police said they learned from the 2016 bombing to deal with similar situations: Those injuries were not healed, spokesman Thilo Cablitz said. The mayor of the city, Franziska Giffey, goes to the site of the tragedy. I am dismayed. I immediately thought: it can’t have happened again, referring to the 2016 attack. My thoughts are with the victims and their families, who must suffer this horror, said the President of the Republic, Franz Walter Steinmeier.

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