Britney Spears, the secret wedding with Sam Ashgari and freedom: but is the pop star really better?

from Irene Soave

Ex-husband Jason Alexander’s break-in at the wedding, celebrated Thursday in California, seemed a symbol of the past that does not leave Britney Spears alone. And there are those who wonder if, freed from the patrimonial protection of her father, she has really found her balance

Been there married (in Las Vegas) for 55 hours in 2004, yet he, childhood friend and ex-husband Jason Alexander, is not resigned. And as a symbol of the crazy past that never gives up, he attempted to break into her wedding yesterday, and was arrested. Britney Spears got married in California, in great secrecy, with model and personal trainer Sam Ashgarito which linked since 2016. Only sixty guests attended the ceremony, including Madonna, Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore; her dress, signed by her friend Donatella Versace, has not yet been seen but according to the magazine People a mermaid style with covered shoulders and dropped straps, and a deep slit. The first photos were released only after the wedding took place, and there is none of the bride yet.

The wish of the fans that they are different
from the videos he posts on Instagram
which have been showing for years always the same private balletthe former pop star with his eyes wide open across the room, the expression a little absent, the sexy moves more and more sexy but almost mechanical and few signs of regained mental balance which instead allowed the judges, seven months ago, to fulfill the wishes of fans who for months, on social networks, had been asking to free Britney, #freeBritney. Her marriage to Sam Ashgari – and first the attempt, announced in April, to give birth to a son, later lost in a miscarriage – are among the first official steps of the “free” Britney Spears.

Freed, that is, from a paternal protection that secured her assets, forcing her to ask the father-entrepreneur even sums of five dollars and unable to marry again or get pregnant, since in 2008, in full nervous breakdown, he had attacked a paparazzo in a gas station. Then the media, especially the tabloids, were merciless: the photo of Britney Spears shaving her head, with a haunted gaze, in 2007, was published everywhere; and there was no celebrity interview that did not include a question from her about her nervous breakdown, so much so that recently Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson, Chiara Ferragni and Courtney Love the magazine apologized to her. Glamor and the gossip site Perez Hilton, and many others. Also for this reason, perhaps, today no articles on even the most malicious tabloids ventures a comment on what transpires, from social networks and from the gossip columns, of the life of the pop star of Toxic: naked photos with wide eyes, disjointed phrases, uncoordinated ballets. Is Britney Spears Really Better?

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