Bombs and trenches: the war in Ukraine increasingly looks like World War I

from Guido Olimpio

The ground pierced by artillery shells, the trenches: the photos arriving from the Donbass look like those of the Battle of the Somme

A modern war with ways of yesteryear. The first photo, below left, shows a trench of the Battle of the Sommeduring the first world war. Around the craters of the bombs, an infinite number.

The second image, on the right, is current, it concerns the positions targeted by the artillery in Ukraine. Here, too, the signs of incessant hammering.

Operations in the Donbass they see a wide use of cannons And rocket launcherwith few maneuvers by troops. The invaders – as per tradition – focus on firepower, accuracy is relative. However saturating the area for days they try to push the resistance to retreat. And, in fact, in some sectors of the front they have achieved success.

Recent videos have highlighted the arrival of other long calibers from the Russian Far East, weapons that are certainly not recent but useful for this type of operation. The soldiers of Kiev, for now, have fewer pieces and therefore their answer is partial: they hope to have more batteries in the future thanks to NATO supplies

Often the two contenders use small drones to conduct reconnaissance and guide the shooting: there are many videos online that show the effectiveness of these “lookouts”.

Compared to 1916 there are fewer direct confrontations, soldiers fight each other from afarsometimes they do not even see an opponent but suffer the devastating blows.

There is the fear of being trapped in the bunker, it is impossible to move as bullets fall everywhere. To destroy but also to prevent the arrival of supplies. In addition to the losses there is a psychological and moral impact.

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