Berlin, cars on the crowd in Charlottenburg: a 29-year-old stopped

Today a car hit the crowd in Charlottenburg. The driver of the car, a 29-year-old Armenian German, was arrested

BERLIN – by a died and at least a dozen injured, including 5 in danger of life, the blood toll of the accident that took place this morning in the heart of the German capital.

A car swooped down on a group of people, ending its run into a shop. According to the German press, the victim was a 51-year-old teacher who was with his pupils, who were allegedly injured. Pupils and teachers (there would have been a second teacher in addition to the woman killed, who would be seriously injured) came from a school in Hesse. These are 24 students – from the town of Bad Arolsen together with two teachers -: twelve were injured, one of which was seriously injured. The driver was arrested after a brief escape attempt.

According to an initial police reconstruction, the man drove his silver Renault Clio into a crowded curb corner before putting the car back on the street and crashing into a perfumery window a block down. According to what is reported by the Bildwhich in turn sues the police, a 29-year-old Armenian German, already known to the police for property offenses. In the car driven by the young man, posters containing opinions concerning Turkey were found, says Iris Spranger, Minister of the Interior of the Land of Berlin. Previously there was talk of the discovery of a letter of confession, cited by Bildbut there would be no confirmations.

L’man tried to escape, but was detained by some passers-by, before being taken over by the police. He is currently being interrogated. An eyewitness told police that he drove him without ever slowing down in a moment. The site of the disaster immediately made us think of a terrorist attack. The incident in fact occurred on the famous Kurfrstendamm, the commercial street in the western part of Berlin, a few meters from Breitscheidplatz, where on 19 December 2016 the Islamic terrorist of Tunisian origin Anis Amri threw a truck against the Christmas market, causing the death of 13 people and dozens of injured. Amri then managed to escape to Italy, where he was tracked down and killed in a fire fight with the police.

The whole area was closed to traffic, over 130 agents, firefighters and rescue personnel are present on site with over 60 ambulances, tow trucks, fire engines and vans. We are not yet able to establish whether it was an attack or whether the incident was caused by medical or other causes, said Berlin police spokesman Thilo Cablitz.

At first there was talk of 30 injured. But then the figure was corrected downwards. However, the risk of a more serious death toll remains. Some images, photos taken by passersby, show a body on the asphalt covered with a sheet and a little farther on the car is still stranded in the window. There mayor of BerlinFranziska Giffey, said she was shocked by what happened, expressing her condolences towards the victims and their families.

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