About Us

You simply cannot afford to miss out on all the exciting news that keeps coming from the tech world and the science arena, so now we cover both of these in our articles for you!

In today’s life, we look forward to simplifying our life, ad how do we manage to do so? Through one-stop shops, be it grocery shopping, accessories shopping, makeup shopping, recharge, furniture shopping, and so much more. If there can be so many one-stop shops for shopping, then why not one such simple and easy to use one-stop-shop for getting knowledge about all these devices and gadgets in the marketplace?

Margaret Hodge is the answer to your worry-free future and the need for a one-stop shop to get all the information about the latest devices. It has been built as a user-friendly website that supports quick surfing, easy searching, and convenient website design. We do not want to bombard you with unnecessary information, we have a simple goal,  to serve you with the best in class information without any bias.

Our only principle is integrity which pushes us to publish only the facts about the gadgets that we are writing. You may have multiple needs and you might want one device to cover you on all those fronts, so then how to find one perfect device for all needs then?

Worry not, Margaret Hodge has endless lists that talk about such powerful and multipurpose devices. We also cover one product under multiple lists so as to bring their various talents in front of you.

Our testing facility also takes a holistic approach and looks at every macro and micro aspect of the products to analyse it from the various lens. We do not look at any device just from a single perspective even if the company making it is pushing just one or a handful of its features.


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