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Called to Account – second Daily Mail serialisation

Pressed for funds, the NHS has never had to be so careful about how it spends its money. Or so you’d think. In 2011, the Public Accounts Committee decided to take a close look at the purchase of medical supplies by 61 different NHS trusts, at a cost of £4.6 billion. To our amazement, we […]

Called to Account – Serialised in the Daily Mail

My battle against tax avoidance. Believe it or not, the reason I decided to haul the bankers from Goldman Sachs before the committee was because I read Private Eye. It was a decision that was to have far-reaching consequences. Private Eye had run a story about an elaborate tax-avoidance scheme that had been set up […]

Government shelves privatisation of land registry

It is good the see that the Government have halted their plans to privatise the Land Registry. I wrote to George Osborne in June with Frank Field MP expressing our concerns that a privatised Land Registry would compromise the availability and quality of data available to the public. Without this data journalists and civil society […]

How to stop wasting women’s talents

I was 65 when I became chair of a powerful House of Commons committee, arguably a peak in my political career. I continue to do my job as the MP for Barking in my 70s, and I have just taken on honorary academic positions at two leading universities. Other women are doing even better. Look at […]

Number 5 Bus Consultation is now live

I am delighted that the consultation on diverting the number 5 bus to Queen’s hospital has now gone live. Residents have until 3rd October to make sure your views are heard. You can read more details on the TFL website here:   

Send My Friend To School Campaign

                                  Earlier this week students from Eastbury Community School popped round to my Barking office to drop off a small box of paper backpacks they had made. The backpacks are part of the “Send My Friend to School” campaign […]

My Westminster Hall debate on Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Today I called on the Government to do more to raise greater awareness and provide more funding into research for Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN). These are rare but devastating skin reactions caused by reactions to medicines used by all of us. This includes common anti-epileptic drugs, ibuprofen, anti-HIV drugs. The results […]

Green Bins update

Lots of residents have been contacting me about the future of the green bins in the borough. I have spoken to the council who have explained that the green waste collection is being paused in September whilst they consider whether they will be able to afford to run the green waste service long term without residents […]

Number 5 bus breakthrough

I am delighted that there has been a major breakthrough in my campaign to get the Number 5 bus redirected to Queen’s hospital. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has announced that TFL will launch a consultation on diverting the Number 5 bus to the hospital. I am glad that the Mayor has listened to […]

My Amendment to the Finance Bill

Yesterday my amendment to the Finance Bill was debated and voted on in Parliament. The amendment aimed to help tackle tax havens by installing much needed transparency in the UK’s Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, home to a number of tax havens. My amendment called on the Chancellor to publish an estimate of extending the UK’s […]