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Ministers spend £600m on big four accountancy firms

Figures I’ve uncovered show that Britain’s big four accountancy firms have been paid more than half a billion pounds in fees by government departments over the past three years, including £220 million from the aid budget. It is scandalous that rather than channelling aid money through charities and organisations that actually understand the countries they […]

Interview with Civil Service World

Thanks to Suzannah Brecknell and Civil Service World for interviewing me on my book ‘Called to Account’. You can read the interview here. Make sure you get the book from a responsible bookseller who pays their tax! Like this one.

Interview with The Register

This week, we learned that Facebook’s UK business generated an £11.3m tax credit last year while reporting a £4.2m tax charge for 2015. Meanwhile eBay paid just £1.1m in tax in the UK last year, despite telling US investors that Britain was its second largest market, generating revenues of $1.4bn (£1.1bn). As long as the […]

Garden Bridge Review

I’m delighted to accept the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s, offer to look in detail at some of the key decisions made so far around the Garden Bridge. It’s not a project that I have previously had an opinion on either for or against, but given the millions of pounds of public money allocated to […]

Interview with The Sunday Times

In case you missed it, Rosie Kinchen of The Sunday Times interviewed me on my time as Chair of the Public Accounts Committee You are no one in this country until you have been heckled by Margaret Hodge. During her time as chairwoman of the Commons public accounts committee she pursued every suit in the […]

Called to Account – fifth Daily Mail serialisation

As I’m always pleased to see women promoted to top jobs, my first instinct was to support Rona Fairhead. I met her when she’d been appointed to chair the BBC Trust — a prestigious £110,000-a-year post. Before long, however, I was having grave doubts about her competence. Prior to joining the BBC Trust, Fairhead had […]

‘Called to Account’ – Released Today

I am delighted that my new book ‘Called to Account, How Corporate Bad Behaviour and Government Waste Combine to Cost us Millions’, is out today. The book is about my time as Chair of the Public Accounts Committee. After five years following the taxpayers’ pound, I have seen unconscionable amounts of waste and inefficiency and […]

Called to Account – fourth Daily Mail serialisation

Only rarely did crude party politics intrude into the working of the Public Accounts Committee. Most of the time, we were a very cohesive group — despite the fact that I was Labour and the majority of the members were Tory. Matthew Hancock, the Conservative MP who’d been George Osborne’s chief of staff before entering […]

Called to Account – third Daily Mail serialisation

BBC director-general George Entwistle had been in his job for just 54 days when he resigned. Few people shed any tears at his departure. He was not only an ineffective leader, but he’d just given a lamentable interview to John Humphrys on the Radio 4 Today programme. Still, after 20 years of moving through the […]