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‘Funk up your flat’ project at Barking Foyer

It was great to see the success of the ‘Funk up your flat’ project being run by the Barking Foyer last week.  The project is part of a “Money for Life” competition sponsored by Lloyds Bank. Barking Foyer won the competition last year. The aim of the project is to inspire young people to improve […]

GPs using 084 numbers – an update

Regular readers will be well aware of my campaign to stop GP practices using 084 telephone numbers. Two local residents had contacted me to say they had received enormous bills after trying to book an appointment with their GPs. One ended up footing a bill for nearly £10 and the other for £30! Calls to […]

Called the cheetah, this robot’s form and function takes its

Think about the fact that over the course of a thousand years in western civilization, both the leaders and masses entirely gave way to an omnipresent god being and his one man incarnation! To this day, monotheism persists stubbornly all over the place in the modern world Hermes Replica, even where its influence has been […]

The new package is an extension of the original graphics

new jersey devils fire head coach pete deboer Cheap Jerseys from china 2. Rainy Season in the Tropics A painting of a dense jungle valley overtaken by an luminous rainbow by American landscape painter wholesale nba jerseys, Frederic Edwin Church. Like many of his landscape paintings, this work attracts a viewer’s focus from afar. The […]

However, he caught a break by winning a Japanese design award

This century first decade was likely the most significant 10 year stretch for urban growth and development that Nashville has experienced since 1950. From the towering Adelicia, Encore, Icon, Terrazzo, Viridian and The West End to smallish gems such as East End Lofts, Fifth Main, Madison Square, Summer Street Lofts and 12th Paris Replica […]

Harrow Road street meeting

I recently held my latest Street Meeting in Harrow Road, Barking, in response to residents’ concerns about parking. Residents in Harrow Road contacted me after becoming concerned that the Council had not carried out a consultation about a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in their area. A CPZ was agreed for Harrow Road and Ripple Road […]

Visiting Queen’s Hospital

Today I visited the A&E, Oncology Department and new Birthing Unit Queen’s Hospital following the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) report into the hospital’s services. I was shocked by the CQC’s findings after their recent inspection of Queen’s A&E. The problem is that Queen’s can’t cope on its own. I regularly visit the hospital and I could […]

Queen’s Hospital – it’s time they got a grip

Today the health regulator the Care Quality Commission published the latest in a series of damning reports into A&E services at Queen’s Hospital, Romford. The report found that the A&E is failing to meet basic standards of care. You can read it by clicking here. This is just an unbelievably shocking report. The appalling treatment […]

Mix in the chestnuts and sage and cook 1 minute more

10 best photos of 2016 YSL Replica “There’s nothing to say Replica YSL Bag,” Howard said by telephone. “People die. We all die. Her own art is focused right now on fiber handbags, large and small. They are wildly colorful and range from clutches to bags that could serve as carry ons. She is […]

It was a ghetto limo that was broke down

Brisben concurs: “I think there are many women who need to be vocal to help themselves achieve orgasm it helps move them and their orgasm along. There are certainly phases. As a woman gets into it Christian Louboutin Shoes Sale, she may become extremely vocal, and then move into a period of quiet as she […]

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