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Greatfields Park

      At my recent Coffee Afternoon in Gascoigne I was delighted to meet the friends of Greatfields Park. These ladies have been working hard to clean up and maintain the park but needed more resources. I was blown away by their dedication to improving the local community and made sure that the Council stepped in and […]

Delivering a Speaker’s Lecture in the House of Commons

I was honored to be asked by the Speaker of the House of Commons to deliver a special lecture in his private residence in the Palace of Westminster. For the past 5 years the Committee I chair in Parliament has been working tirelessly to ensure that tax payers hard earned money is spent properly by the Government and that […]

Goresbrook Coffee Afternoon

  ​ It was great to see so many of you at my recent Coffee Afternoon in Goresbrook. I was very concerned to hear from several residents who are having problems getting an appointment with their local GP. Residents are struggling to get through to reception and the phone line is always engaged. When they finally do get through […]

Launch of SJS Awareness Campaign

It was a real honour to host the launch of the Stephens-Johnson Syndrome awareness campaign in Parliament. The founder and SJS survivor Thermutis Nadier Lawson has been working extremely hard with researchers from the University of Liverpool to raise awareness for this rare and devastating illness. Stephens-Johnson Syndrome is a very serious skin condition that is most commonly caused by […]

Health Campaign update

Since my election 20 years ago I have been on a crusade to improve health services in the Borough. This month I made one of my unannounced visits to Queen’s Hospital to check up on their progress. I visited their overstretched A&E department and their Cancer unit to ensure that patients were receiving the best […]

Crowning my first Community Champion of 2015

It was a real honour to crown Kenneth Gleeson, a road sweeper in Thames Ward, as my first community champion of 2015. He was nominated by local Councillor Cameron Geddes after so many residents contacted him about Kenneth’s fantastic work. I started my Community Awards scheme a number of years ago to celebrate the people […]

Thames Walkabout

I have heard from a lot of residents in Thames who are concerned about the state of their neighbourhood. During a recent door knocking session I was shocked to see the sheer number of eyesore gardens in the area. Residents should feel proud of their local area and shouldn’t have to put up with such […]

Traffic on Kemp Road

  Residents of Kemp Road have been blighted by large numbers of industrial vehicles driving very quickly down their road. Following my street meeting a few years ago the Council installed chicanes to limit the speed of these cars. Unfortunately this has not been completely effective so I called the Council back to meet with […]

Sorting out residents’ concerns in Axe Street

  Last year I met with East Thames tenants living in Axe Street to address some local issues. Security in and around their blocks was a major concern for residents. Gates were not properly secured, allowing troublemakers to gain access to the buildings and create a nuisance. Although East Thames promised to conduct a security […]

Energy Fayre

2014 was yet another tough year for many residents. Low wages and benefits cuts left many struggling to make ends meet. I was hearing from many residents who were concerned about their sky high energy bills, especially in these cold winter months. Some people were having to choose between heating their house and putting food […]