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to go from a matchbook to a single family home

Can imagine how enticing that is, to go from a matchbook to a single family home. Then it worth the drive, he said. Affordability more than anything else. Bush and P. Hillis on the back of their jerseys. Understanding who the redzone backs will be on each team is critical as it can be the […]

Tackling prostitution in Abbey

I have been working hard with the local Council and the police to stamp out prostitution which has been blighting residents in Abbey. Following pleas from myself and local residents, the Council have finally installed CCTV opposite Victoria Road where the problem is most prevalent. This is great news and should act as an effective […]

#5 Bus Campaign: Update

I have been pounding the streets asking residents to support my campaign to extend the No.5 to Romford bus route to stop directly outside Queen’s Hospital. The response to the petition has been incredible. There is a real appetite to get this bus to go straight to the hospital. Residents are fed up of getting a raw deal […]

Column: HSBC

Tax avoidance has been the focus of much of my work in Parliament. As Chair of the Public Accounts Committee I have been able to expose and take to task global companies like Starbucks, Amazon and Google who refuse to pay their fair share of tax. The latest big scandal to be uncovered is the […]

The skis and boots that are appropriate at the beginning

8 Rent, do not buy, equipment. The skis and boots that are appropriate at the beginning of your skiing career will not remain appropriate for long; buying them is throwing money down the drain. Many skiers purchase boots as soon as they know they are hooked after the first week, that is. Cheap Jerseys china […]

Yet another Budget that offers nothing for residents

In the final budget of this Parliament George Osborne unveiled a series of proposals that will do very little to help residents in Barking and Dagenham. The Chancellor spent an hour telling us that we have never had it so good- well he certainly hasn’t spoken to residents in the Borough. This budget does nothing […]

NHS Compensation at BHRUT

I was appalled to discover that from 2013 to 2014 the NHS paid out a staggering £10.4 million on compensation claims for medical negligence on behalf of Barking, Havering and Redbridge University trust. The NHS is in a real financial mess and it is extremely frustrating to see them shelling out over £10 million of […]

New Crossing for Hunters Hall Primary School

    This Friday I started my campaign with local parents from Hunters Hall Primary to install a road crossing near Rockwell Road and Pondfield Road in Dagenham. Local parents  were becoming increasingly concerned about dangerous driving in the area & reached out to me to support their campaign. I was shocked to hear about the number of cars […]

Eastbury Coffee Afternoon

Lots of you came to grab a cup of tea and have a natter with me my recent Eastbury Coffee Afternoon. It was fantastic to meet so many residents and listen to your concerns. Several months ago I held a coffee morning here and many residents were worried about the general state of the area. I went […]


We have all been shocked by the revelations about what HSBC has been up to. It appears that they have been actively helping wealthy individuals avoid and potentially even evade tax. Documents reveal cases of HSBC clients doing outrageous things like going over to Switzerland and withdrawing bricks of 2 million euros in cash, so that […]