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Anti-Semitism is making me feel an outsider in the Labour Party

I was born in Egypt in the last year of the Second World War as Jews were being exterminated in Hitler’s gas chambers in Europe. I grew up thinking that we would never forget the horrors that a culture of anti-Semitism can bring. Yet here we are, over 70 years later forced to talk about […]

Addressing Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party

I am deeply offended by what appears to be persistent and pervasive anti-Semitism in and around the Labour Party. While Jeremy is not himself anti-Semitic, he has allowed himself to become the poster boy of anti-Semites everywhere. This is not the new politics. The first step in solving a problem is to recognise that one […]

Golden Visas

During this afternoon’s Urgent Question on money-laundering, I raised the issue of ‘golden visas’. These golden visas or ‘tier 1 investor visas’ are given to those who can demonstrate that they will invest £2m in the UK. We know that these visas are particularly popular among Russian nationals. I urged the Minister to take the […]

Guardian Article on Russian Kleptocrats

If we want to get tough on Putin, we need to clamp down on Russia’s use of Britain and it’s overseas territories as safe havens for illegal wealth. Read my piece for the Guardian here

Parliamentary Question on Russian Laundered Money

I welcomed the Prime Minister’s statement today on Russia in the wake of the Salisbury incident last week. However, today, I urged the PM to go further. At present far too much money laundered out of Russia is finding its way into the British system. There are two things she could do pretty quickly which […]

Daily Politics Appearance

Today I appeared on Daily Politics as one of their ‘guests for the day’. During the show, I called on the UK to get tougher on corruption and tax avoidance. It is clear that the UK and its overseas territories are becoming the global jurisdictions of choice for hiding dirty money. It’s time the Government […]

Establishment of additional bus services

I am delighted that after four months of campaigning with Riverside School and Thames Ward Community Project, Transport for London have finally agreed to deliver the additional bus services the school needs. You can find out more here

Barking Police Station Public Meeting

Packed public meeting at the Barking Learning Centre discussing policing and crime issues in the borough with Deputy Mayor Sophie Linden. A lot of residents angry at MOPAC’s decision to put future of Barking Police Station in doubt. If you want to keep the police station open then sign the petition here:    

Radio 4 Appearance – ‘The Great British Money Laundering Service’

Last week I appeared on Radio 4’s File on 4 programme, “The Great British Money Laundering Service”. The programme looked at the global networks which allow billions of pounds of dirty money to pass through UK companies despite new transparency rules. In the majority of cases, company structures are designed where dirty money moves incredibly […]

Baby Leave for MPs

Last week I spoke during the Baby Leave for Members of Parliament debate where MPs approved a proxy voting system for new parents. This will mean that MPs who have recently had children or adopted a child will be able to nominate a colleague to vote on their behalf, giving them more time to spend […]