Addressing Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party

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Addressing Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party

Monday, March 26th, 2018

I am deeply offended by what appears to be persistent and pervasive anti-Semitism in and around the Labour Party. While Jeremy is not himself anti-Semitic, he has allowed himself to become the poster boy of anti-Semites everywhere. This is not the new politics.

The first step in solving a problem is to recognise that one exists. Jeremy needs to do that and to clearly disassociate himself from those who continue to preach anti-Semitism. Acting to stop the counter-protest against the complaints of the Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council would be a good start.

Criticism of the policies of Israel is of course legitimate and no-one is denying that – I am a regular critic of the Israeli Government’s actions. But that criticism should be and can be far more nuanced than so many are making it; just as not every Muslim is a terrorist, not every Jewish person is a Netanyahu-supporting Zionist.

The Chakrabarti Report was the moment when we could have really tackled the problem of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party but it was a failure. We now have to seriously reconsider holding another inquiry but this time headed by a person – not necessarily themselves Jewish – who the Jewish community can have faith in to take the problem of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party seriously.


Golden Visas

Monday, March 19th, 2018

During this afternoon’s Urgent Question on money-laundering, I raised the issue of ‘golden visas’.

These golden visas or ‘tier 1 investor visas’ are given to those who can demonstrate that they will invest £2m in the UK. We know that these visas are particularly popular among Russian nationals.

I urged the Minister to take the necessary steps to ensure we know where this £2m comes from so that we know that it is not dirty money and that we are not issuing visas to unsavoury individuals.

You can watch my intervention here

Guardian Article on Russian Kleptocrats

Friday, March 16th, 2018

If we want to get tough on Putin, we need to clamp down on Russia’s use of Britain and it’s overseas territories as safe havens for illegal wealth.

Read my piece for the Guardian here

Parliamentary Question on Russian Laundered Money

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

I welcomed the Prime Minister’s statement today on Russia in the wake of the Salisbury incident last week. However, today, I urged the PM to go further.

At present far too much money laundered out of Russia is finding its way into the British system. There are two things she could do pretty quickly which would help to tackle that.

First, she could bring forward the public register of ownership of properties, which was promised by David Cameron in 2015 and has been delayed by this Government until 2021 at the earliest

Secondly, she could increase transparency in our UK corporate structures, so that we know who forms companies here and where the money comes from, and deal with it if it is illicit money brought in by unsavoury people.

I hope she will take this action.

You can see my speech here.

Daily Politics Appearance

Monday, March 12th, 2018

Today I appeared on Daily Politics as one of their ‘guests for the day’. During the show, I called on the UK to get tougher on corruption and tax avoidance.

It is clear that the UK and its overseas territories are becoming the global jurisdictions of choice for hiding dirty money.

It’s time the Government delivered greater transparency in our British tax havens so we can tackle tax avoidance, evasion, and financial crime.

You can watch the show here: