Column: Queen’s Hospital

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Column: Queen’s Hospital

Friday, July 10th, 2015

Last week the CQC published its latest report into Queens Hospital. People will remember that the CQC first went into Queens several years ago after some horrifying cases in the maternity unit where mothers and babies had actually died, and there were terrible problems in A&E too. There is no doubt that services at the hospital have improved a great deal since then, and I want to pay tribute to the doctors, nurses, and to the new leadership at the Trust – all of whom the CQC praises. However the report shows just how fragile that improvement is. There are still not enough properly trained staff, and concerns about patient safety remain. Last time I visited Queens I was dismayed by how many agency staff are employed, at enormous cost to the Trust which is already facing crippling financial trouble.

I am also deeply concerned that the hospital is failing to meet the 4 hour waiting target for A&E and for the time it takes between referral and treatment. This is a problem across the country, where under this Government A&E waiting times are the highest for a decade. We desperately need more investment in community health services to take the pressure off A&E, and to bring together health and social care so that we don’t have elderly people stuck in hospital beds when they could be cared for at home or in the community.

I promised at the election that health would continue to be my number one priority as your MP, and I am going to keep fighting for more GPs, better local health services, and to get Queen’s sorted out so that all patients get the quality of care they are entitled to expect.

Sorting speeding problems on Canonsleigh Road

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Residents of Canonsleigh Road recently got in touch with me with their concerns about speeding cars driving dangerously down their road. I contacted the Council straight away to organise a special street meeting with residents to sort out this issue.

Although it is already a 20MPH zone there aren’t enough signs on the roads warning passing cars. The Council have agreed to put up more signs down the road and in surrounding streets warning drivers that there is a 20 MPH speed limit.

Residents also raised concerns about speeding motorcycles driving down the road late at night. The police were on hand to address this concern and have told residents to call 101 when this happens.

Attending my first 107th Birthday Party

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015


It was a real pleasure to join in the celebration for Lilian Twinley’s 107th Birthday Party. I first met Lilian during the election campaign where I quickly bagged myself an invite to this special occasion. She is a fantastic, witty East End woman who has lived through so many changes in the world. I couldn’t quite believe that she is a great,great,great,great grandmother! The event was so well organised by Harp House and I look forward to celebrating her 108th birthday next year.




Community Champion Winner

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Eileen Landy has been crowned as my latest Community Champion. Eileen spends hours putting together hampers which are then raffled off to raise money for the animal charity Hornchurch Pet Services. The first time I met Eileen I was completely blown away by her warmth, charm and her commitment to animal welfare. She has worked extremely hard to raise money to protect vulnerable animals and is an example to us all.

If you know anyone who works tirelessly to improve the local community and would like to nominate them for a community champion award, please call my office on 0208 594 1333.