Delivering better bus services for Barking

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Delivering better bus services for Barking

Friday, May 30th, 2014

I am pleased to have secured fresh commitments from Transport for London on improving bus services in the Borough.

Last week I lobbied Leon Daniels, Managing Director, Surface Transport, for an increase in the number of buses on the EL1 and EL2 routes which serve residents on the Thames View Estate.

Many of you on the Thames View estate have contacted me about the lack of buses going through the area; some residents were late to work because of it. This is not good enough – we finally have some much-needed new homes being built in the Borough and we need to make sure that new and existing residents have a regular and reliable bus service.

I am happy to report that Leon Daniels, Managing Director, Surface Transport has assured me that from the autumn improvements will be made to reduce the pressure on the service. There will be online consultation for residents so please go and fill it on.

TFL also agreed to cooperate with me on my long-running campaign to improve bus links from Barking to Queen’s Hospital.

At the moment many residents have to catch two or three buses just to attend the hospital, which is just not on. As the Government pushes ahead with its crazy decision to close the A&E at King George Hospital, making sure that we have a bus service from Barking to Queen’s hospital is more important than ever. I am glad TfL have listened to my concerns and those of local residents and I will continue to fight for a direct bus link through the Borough to the hospital.

Shining a light on homelessness in the Borough

Monday, May 12th, 2014



I have been working hard to raise awareness of the growing problem of homelessness in the Borough. Last week I visited a homeless shelter set up by Worshipville Ministries and listened to the stories and concerns of some of the people sleeping rough.

We have a real problem here in the Borough. Those living rough are the most desperate and vulnerable in our community but there are a growing number of families that the council counts as officially homeless, sleeping on the floors of friends or family. In 2010 there were 62 households classed as homeless; in 4 years this has leaped to 235 and even more disturbing is that 179 of those are families with children. Alarmingly we also have 1355 families living in temporary accommodation, without a permanent roof over their heads.  We desperately need more affordable homes in Barking and Dagenham.

It’s great to see the hard work being done in our community by Worshipville Ministry to help those in need and get them back on their feet. Listening to these people’s stories is heartbreaking; everyone deserves somewhere safe to lay their heads a night.