Clamping down on Betting Shops in the Borough

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Clamping down on Betting Shops in the Borough

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

We have seen a proliferation of betting shops in the Borough. Just last week I walked down the High Street and counted 7 betting shops. As soon as a shop closes it is replaced by a new betting shop. These betting shops target the most vulnerable people in our area and they have a devastating effect on our community. I have been fighting for a long time to tackle the number of these betting shops.

Last year I was snubbed by Barclay’s after I wrote to the bank to urge them not to allow their vacant shop on the High Street to be given to yet another betting shop. This week I wrote to Stephen Williams MP, Parliamentary under Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, urging him to support a proposal from Hackney Borough Council that would give local Councils new powers to address the problem of the increase of betting shops.

I hope the Government listens to my request and gives Councils the power they need to stop more betting shops opening in the borough and stop the destructive effect they’re having on our high street and community.