Green light for Closed Loop Recycling

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Green light for Closed Loop Recycling

Friday, November 15th, 2013

I am extremely pleased that an innovative recycling business has been given the go ahead to expand its operations in Dagenham.

Closed Loop Recycling Ltd, which has its base in Choats Road Dagenham, recycles four million plastic bottles every day and is the only company in the world that recycles both plastic milk bottles and plastic water bottles back into new food and drink packaging.

Closed Loop Recycling

Expansion of London’s Sustainable Industries Park (LSIP) at Dagenham Dock will bring more green jobs to Dagenham if all available land is maximised. That’s according to innovative plastic recycler Closed Loop Recycling, the first business to locate to the site in 2007.

I recently organised a meeting which brought together representatives from the Greater London authority, the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham and Closed Loop Recycling together and I welcome the agreement to allow expansion to the adjacent site. It’s fantastic news and will create an extra 40 new jobs which is very welcome news for the local economy.

I hope it sends out a clear signal that Barking & Dagenham is a good place to invest especially for green businesses.