Queen’s Hospital- Still failing patients

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Queen’s Hospital- Still failing patients

Monday, July 15th, 2013


The health regulator the Care Quality Commission published the latest in a long series of damning reports into A&E services at Queen’s Hospital, Romford.

The report found that the A&E is still failing to provide good quality care to its patients. You can read it by clicking here.

Queen's Hospital

Although patients are no longer waiting on trolleys and are being given food and drink, this report shows that patients are still not getting the level of care they deserve.

Patients are waiting an appallingly long time, with some waiting over 16 hours. Once again Queens is failing to meet key emergency department quality indicators. There have been too many ambulances diverted to other hospitals and there are still not enough Doctors in the department.

There were shocking incidents in which inspectors saw staff failing to wear protective gloves whilst taking blood samples and inserting lines into patients.

Every report has highlighted that long delays and understaffing are serious problems which threaten the quality of care for patients. We all know the A&E department is under huge pressure but the Trust, working with the CQC, has got to get a grip on these issues and stop history simply repeating itself.

In light of yet another terrible report into Queens A&E it is madness that the government are still pressing ahead with plans to shut down King George’s A&E department.

I will continue my fight to ensure that all of my constituents get the best care possible.

Opening Barking Hospital

Monday, July 8th, 2013

I was absolutely delighted to have opened the new Barking Hospital last Friday. It is the proudest thing for which I have campaigned in all my years as the local MP.

Margaret is joined for the Opening Ceremony by Irene Thompson from the Friends of Barking Hospital and Dr Waseem Mohi, Chair of B&D Clinical Commissioning Group

I am especially grateful to the Friends of Barking Hospital for all their tireless work.  We have stood together side by side through thick and thin. We’ve fought on when we’ve been let down, and we‘ve fought to keep the Hospital here in Barking.

I am most pleased by the fact that we have seen the return of a maternity wing which means that babies are once again being born in Barking. This was the case a number of years ago. I was told that the 100th baby was born here the other day. That’s fantastic! It means that babies who are born here can truly say they come from Barking. That is something that we should all celebrate.

Barking Hospital