) Blunt’s face has that openness of youth that allows you in

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) Blunt’s face has that openness of youth that allows you in

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Like a shallow pool Cheap Prada Bags, these shallow clothes not only impede deeply diving into; they downright negate it. Try, and you just end up with a headache. I wonder how long until the scales fall from the eyes of Slimane’s acolytes entirely? Anyway.. Whatever else it’s done Cheap Prada Bags, “Young Victoria” has put to rest any question of whether Blunt, who’s done well by so many secondary characters including the scene stealing assistant in “The Devil Wears Prada,” could carry a film. This is a big movie Cheap Prada Bags, big story and Blunt proves more than up to the task. She infuses the character with high spirits, humor, intelligence and headstrong determination, dancing neatly between a teenager’s whimsy and an adult’s sense of history.(You can imagine why Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York and a producer on the film http://www.cheap-prada-bags.net, was such a fan.) Blunt’s face has that openness of youth that allows you in, even tiny emotional shifts register with barely a blink..

John Galliano described his latest collection for Maison Margiela as “lo fi, sci fi, with a hi fi finish”. That Prada Bags Replica Cheap Prada, oddly, makes a lot of sense: it kind of rounds up a bunch of next season’s designer decisions into a single, neatly worded package. But, in actuality, both his show and the season as a whole focused most intriguingly on the notion of sci fi.

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Concerns about the ‘bedroom tax’

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Hundreds of families are being forced to seek alternative accommodation due to the Government’s controversial welfare reforms.

1,639 council tenants have already received a letter from Barking & Dagenham Council warning them of the changes that take place in April, and even advising them that they may think about taking in a lodger if they have an unused bedroom.

1,278 are under-occupying their homes by one bedroom where approximately £14 per week will be deducted from their benefit. 260 are under-occupying their home by two bedrooms. They will lose approximately £25 per week.

Residents have contacted my office in distress very worried about whether they are going to be hit by the ‘bedroom tax’. I’m really concerned by the fact that a number of them are older people. One lady who contacted me has lived in her house for more than 30 years. She brought her family up in it, her husband died last year and now she is worried that she will lose her home.

I have been carrying out checks on local resident’s behalf. If you are at retirement age the new rules shouldn’t affect you. But the situation is less clear cut for those with disabilities who are living in houses which have been adapted for them.

I would like to hear from anyone who thinks they are going to be hit by it. Click here to contact me.

‘Funk up your flat’ project at Barking Foyer

Monday, March 4th, 2013

It was great to see the success of the ‘Funk up your flat’ project being run by the Barking Foyer last week.  The project is part of a “Money for Life” competition sponsored by Lloyds Bank. Barking Foyer won the competition last year.

The aim of the project is to inspire young people to improve their money management skills by furnishing and decorating a room on a limited budget. They will also be learning new skills in sewing, art and upcycling furniture.

The ‘Funk up your flat’ project is a fantastic idea. I got to see a homemade jewellery box which had been made out of a plastic lunch box which had been hand painted and sprinkled with glitter. It was amazing! There were also some fantastic ideas about how you can simply add glamour to your home at little or no cost.

The Foyer has embraced the Money for Life Challenge in a big way, following the success of Troy Dennehy and Vivian John’s ‘Buffet on a Budget’ project last year, and Troy’s subsequent selection as one of Jamie Oliver’s apprentices.

The national finals of the Money for Life competition are being held in April. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Royce and Selena who are representing the Foyer.