A damning indictment of services at Queen’s Hospital

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A damning indictment of services at Queen’s Hospital

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Today the Care Quality Commission published a devastating report which reveals the extent of the crisis at Queen’s Hospital.

The report shows why plans to close A&E and maternity services at King George Hospital are complete madness. You can read it here.

This report is a damning indictment of the safety and quality of care at Queen’s Hospital.

As the CQC report says, Queen’s simply cannot cope. That’s why it would be madness to close the A&E and maternity units at King George Hospital.

The report is shocking but not surprising to those of us who have been campaigning for better hospital services for years.

In a modern NHS it is scandalous that maternity services are so poor that the lives of mothers and babies are at risk from unsafe care.

The A&E cannot cope and without urgent action we will see a repeat of last winter when the service all but collapsed.

It is outrageous that radiological tests identifying people as potentially having serious health conditions like cancer are not always reported and acted on.

And it is completely unacceptable that some patients are waiting hours for pain relief, waiting hours for beds after surgery, and in some cases suffering abuse at the hands of staff. Staff are not even getting patients’ names and dates of births right in their records.

These are the same issues we have seen time and time again. I won’t be fobbed off by the Trust telling me they’ve recruited more staff. This report shows they do not have the right staff in the right places – and that they are planning to cut staff in order to cut costs.

This has gone on far too long. The Department of Health and NHS London must stop simply blaming hospital management and take responsibility.

Any thought of closing the A&E and maternity services at King George hospital is sheer madness. At a time when Queen’s cannot cope with existing pressures it would be devastating for the health care my constituents receive.

Everybody must now focus all their energies on turning around these failing services and ensuring patients receive the basic standards of care they have a right to expect.

Cranborne Road street meeting

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

I recently held a street meeting in Cranborne Road, Barking after I’d heard that residents were experiencing problems with parking.

Controlled parking had been extended to run until 9.00pm in all the surrounding roads, but it was only running until 5.30pm in Cranborne Road. This was causing absolute chaos in the evening and some residents had even resorted to putting their wheelie bins out in the road to ensure they had a parking space.

There was a great turnout  and I was joined by an officer from Barking & Dagenham Council’s highway department. I was extremely pleased that I was able to get hold of the information residents have been waiting for and inform them that 83% voted to extend the Controlled Parking Zone hours to 9.00pm in response to the Council’s most recent consultation. The changes will come into effect on Monday 10 October 2011.

Street meetings are a hugely important part of the work I do in Barking and Dagenham and they’re one of the most effective ways I know of resolving local problems.

If there’s an issue in your street you’d like me to take up, please contact my office on 0208 594 1333, email margarethodge@hotmail.co.uk or click here.

Open Barking Hospital NOW!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

I’m asking everyone to support my campaign to get Barking Hospital open by Christmas.

We won our fight to get a new maternity unit so babies can be born in Barking again. The building work was completed in May. The building is ready but empty. Health officials in charge have announced they’re not opening it until March 2012. That is outrageous.

We need those services and we need them now, particularly with everything that’s going on at Queen’s. To make matters worse, it’s costing the taxpayer £1 million to keep the empty buildings safe and secure.

So I need you to sign another petition, to get the hospital open by Christmas. Please help me by contacting my office to add your name. You can call 0208 594 1333 or email margarethodge@hotmail.co.uk

Click here to download a petition