Margaret Hodge MP

Margaret Hodge MP

Putting Barking and Dagenham first

Margaret Hodge Margaret Hodge Margaret Hodge Margaret Hodge Margaret Hodge

Welcome to my website

I've proudly represented local residents in Barking & Dagenham for the last 23 years.

Please use the links at the top of the page if you would like to contact me or find out about the work I have been doing as your Member of Parliament. You can find updates about my work in Barking & Dagenham, such as my regular Coffee Afternoons and Street Meetings, as well as information about campaigns I am running.

I hope you find my website useful. I'm committed to making the Borough better for everyone who lives here by listening to residents' concerns and fighting for our community.

With all good wishes

Rt Hon Dame Margaret Hodge MP

Latest News

Greg Holland is making a push to take the closer job

“North Carolina’s new law does nothing to guarantee that LGBT people will be protected from discrimination,” said James Esseks, director of the ACLU’s LGBT and HIV Project. “When the NCAA originally withdrew events from North Carolina, they did so because they claimed to care about ‘fairness and inclusion’ for college athletes and fans. It’s a shame to see that those concerns have already fallen by the wayside.”.

Greg Holland is making a push to take the closer job from Adam Ottavino in Colorado. Jason Martinson, despite some late Cactus League heroics this season, is probably going to start the season in Kinston or Frisco. Luke Tendler was still reeling from his failed glove swing earlier, though perhaps he channeled some of that shame into focus, which is a good trait for a baseball player.

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