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Member of Parliament for Barking

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Welcome to my website

I've proudly represented local residents in Barking & Dagenham for the last 17 years and this website has been designed with you in mind.

Please use the links at the top of the page if you would like to contact me or find out about the work I am doing as your Member of Parliament. You can find updates about my work in Barking & Dagenham, such as my regular Coffee Afternoons and Street Meetings, as well as information about campaigns I am running.

This website also contains contact details for your local councillors if you would like to get in touch with them.

I hope you find my website useful. I'm committed to making the Borough better for everyone who lives here by listening to residents' concerns and fighting for our community.

With all good wishes

Margaret Hodge MP

Latest News

Tackling prostitution in Abbey

There has been a historic problem with prostitution in Abbey. We thought we had tackled it but unfortunately the problem has returned. I have heard from many residents who are affected. There are groups of people loitering late at night and some residents have even found used condoms in their gardens. I am determined to sort this problem out once and for all so that people can feel safe in their neighbourhood at any time of night or day.

I recently held a street meeting with the Police and Council to listen to residents’ experiences and try and find a solution. To tackle the problem the Council and the Police have implemented a dispersal area and are issuing enforcements again men buying sex in the area. They are also improving the environment for residents by cleaning up any debris and are supporting the prostitutes who are often vulnerable women.

The work to tackle the prostitution is partly funded by the Mayor of London’s Office for Policing and Crime. At the moment the police and Council simply do not have enough resources, so I have written to Stephen Greenhalgh the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime to ask for more money urgently.

Unfortunately this is not a problem that will go away overnight. It is clear that the situation is more complicated than in previous years and I understand that it may now be part of a wider network organized across East London.

However I will continue to monitor the situation and will meet with the Antisocial Behaviour Team and the Police before Christmas to see what progress has been made.

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