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Welcome to my website

I've proudly represented local residents in Barking & Dagenham for the last 23 years.

Please use the links at the top of the page if you would like to contact me or find out about the work I have been doing as your Member of Parliament. You can find updates about my work in Barking & Dagenham, such as my regular Coffee Afternoons and Street Meetings, as well as information about campaigns I am running.

I hope you find my website useful. I'm committed to making the Borough better for everyone who lives here by listening to residents' concerns and fighting for our community.

With all good wishes

Rt Hon Dame Margaret Hodge MP

Latest News

Five new peak-time C2C trains for Barking Station


c2c have just announced that they will be bringing back five new peak-time train services for Barking station with a sixth train to be doubled in length.

I have recently received a letter from c2c to announce these improvements after I met with Julian Drury (Managing Director, c2c) and Ernesto Sicilia (Managing Director and Chairman, Trenitalia UK) in June. At this meeting, I demanded that they stop cutting our services and get on with introducing the three-minute metro-style service they promised in 2014.

Here are the details of the new services which will come into effect from Sunday 10th December 2017:

  • A train will now stop at Barking at 07:03, arriving at Fenchurch Street at 07:21. Cutting an existing 8-minute gap between c2c trains
  • A train will now stop at Barking at 08:11, arriving at Fenchurch Street at 08:29. Cutting an existing 17-minute gap between c2c trains
  • A train will now stop at Barking at 08:49, arriving at Fenchurch Street at 09:08. Cutting an existing 9-minute gap between c2c trains
  • The existing 09:05 departure from Barking will be doubled in length from 4-carriages to 8-carriages
  • The 17:01 departure from Fenchurch Street will now also stop at Barking at 17:16
  • The 18:01 departure from Fenchurch Street will now also stop at Barking at 18:17

I was shocked when c2c took the decision in May to cut our peak-time train services in Barking. That’s why I am pleased that they have now realised the error of their ways and reversed these cuts.

These improvements for Barking residents would not have been possible without the support of hundreds of you who attended our rally in May and signed the petition on my website.

However we must not stop here. We must keep up the pressure on c2c to deliver on the service they promised.

In 2014 we were promised that a train would stop at Barking every three minutes at peak-times. I will not rest until C2C deliver on this promise they made to residents.

You can sign my c2c petition here.